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Polish Language Website


This website, devoted to the teaching of the Polish language over the Word Wide Web, is produced by Oscar E. Swan of the University of Pittsburgh, and is delivered over a server operated by the Robert Henderson Language Media Center , Claire B. Siskin, director. It is supported by the Russian and East European Studies Center and the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh.  Certain features of this website are still in the developmental stage.


The central component of this site is the elementary Polish textbook, First Year Polish, by Oscar Swan (to be published by Slavica Publishers, Bloomington, Indiana. The textbook is broken down into lesson-sized parts. Conversations are linked to sound files reproducing conversations and exercises. Self-correcting computer drills, downloaded over this website, cover each lesson's conversations, grammar, and vocabulary. A distance-delivered self-study course for university credit is based on this textbook and its related materials  


Among supplementary material available on this website are:

            ◊ An on-line Polish-English Dictionary of around 20,000 words, which may also be used to search for English-Polish word and phrase correspondences.

            A Grammar of Contemporary Polish, a reference grammar which may be consulted on most matters relating to Polish grammar.

            ◊ The Polish texts to the video-based course W labiryncie (In the Labyrinth), the components of which are available in streamed video over this same server.

            ◊ A collection of glossed intermediate-level Polish short stories, Opowiesci mojej zony (Tales of My Wife) by Miroslaw Zulawski. This collection contains A Polish Lexical Minimum, a list of around 1500 basic Polish words which the intermediate-level student should know.

            Polish Songbook linked to soundfiles containing samples of song melodies.

            ◊ A set of computer-administered Polish language proficiency examinations.


Finally, this site contains links to various other sites of interest related to Poland and the Polish language.



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