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◊         The lessons of First Year Polish are posted to the developmental page (polish>firstyear>lessons) as they are ready. This page is open to the public. The first half of the textbook, containing Lessons 1-6, is available in a password-protected package, linked to sound files and computer drills. It is accessed from the Syllabus on the First Year Polish page. For information, contact this website at polska@pitt.edu .


◊         Most of the materials featured here may be purchased in published book form from Lektorek


◊         Now available in hard copy: A Grammar of Contemporary Polish by Oscar E. Swan, 496 pp., Slavica Publishers, Columbus, Ohio. $30.00+$5.00 US mail ($15 international). Available  from Lektorek, 6649 Woodwell Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA.


◊         Summer Study in Poland . Study Polish intensively for six weeks at the University of Pittsburgh. Application materials are posted at Summer Language Institute .


◊         A web-based First Year Polish Course for transferable university credit is schedlued for Fall 2003. Check here for emerging details. In this connection, a Polish learner’s chatroom is planned. 


◊         Polish  Language Hotline. The user of this website is encouraged  to use its e-mail address, polska@pitt.edu , for making inquiries regarding points of contemporary Polish grammar or usage.



Updated 15 June 2003